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Make free VoIP calls and transfer money via android devices
Free VoIP calls, cheap international calls and money transfer are available on our iOS app

Free Calls All Around The World

AfriMobile is available on iPad and Android tablets

Have you got internet connectivity on a wifi, internet hotspot, 3G/4G mobile network; then just download our free AfriMobile app to your mobile device (Android or iOS) and you’re ready to go with our free app to app services.

AfriMobile app offers you free voice and video calls at exceptional quality, instant messaging with additional features of free photo and voice notes sharing, airtime transfer and much more.

Start using our services today for communication without borders.

User accounts can be created in Euros (€), Pounds (£) or US dollars ($) and accounts topped up in your chosen currency to make use of any of our paid services.

Voice Chat

AfriMobile app offers free app to app voice calls. Once registered, from your contacts find other registered AfriMobile app users and start calling them for free. You can also record messages and send to them as voice notes or leave them voicemails whenever they are unreachable.

You also have the option of making cheap local and international calls to unregistered mobiles and landlines all over the world. Our rates are competitive and you don’t have to worry about those high international calling or roaming rates when abroad.

Video chat

Start making free video calls by inviting your loved ones to download and install the Free AfriMobile app.

Once they are registered users; staying in touch with friends and family all over the world couldn’t be easier.

Video calls can be over wifi connections as well as 3G and 4G networks.

So get started right away!

Text Messaging

Like a bit of fun chat moments, then the free AfriMobile instant messaging tool is your best bet. With the apps instant messaging feature, you can stay in touch with friends and family for no cost.

Share with them those special moments by sending multimedia attachments and feel free to express yourself with lovely emoticons A custom heart emoji available on AfriMobile app. A custom emoji on AfriMobile app depicting an African womanA custom cry emoji on AfriMobile app. A custom emoji on AfriMobile app.A custom emoji on AfriMobile app depicting a rasta.

SMS messages can also be sent to mobiles around the world for really good rates.

AfriMobile Airtime Transfer

Thinking of putting a smile on the faces of friends and family anywhere in the world? AfriMobile Airtime transfer enables you to transfer small amounts of airtime value from your AfriMobile app account to other prepaid mobiles.

With AfriMobile Airtime Transfer, you will be able to do real-time prepaid top-up transfers to over 200 mobile network operators around the world.

This might just be the right time to let your friends and family abroad know you really do care by gifting them some airtime credit.



Country Name (+Network Operators) Voice SMS
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Call Nigeria for with these cheap Nigeria from £ 0.10/min

Call USA for just USA from £ 0.01/min

Call Canada for Canada from £ 0.01/min

Make cheap calls to South South Africa from £ 0.12/min

Chap calls to France from £ 0.01/min

Frequently Asked Questions

The AfriMobile app is free to download on the Android and iOS platforms.

You also get to enjoy free app to app services such as free voice calls, video calls, and instant messaging anywhere in the world.

The AfriMobile app is currently only available on the Android and iOS platforms – please feel free to download from Google Play store or iOS App Store to compatible mobile devices.

Yes, the AfriMobile app needs internet access to work. Please make sure you have access to an internet hotspot, wifi, 3G/4G mobile network.

Though optimised for use on low bandwidth networks, please note the bandwidth quality of the underlying internet connection might affect quality of service.

Currently, our app is only localized to three (3) currencies – Euro, Pound, and US Dollars. User accounts can only be setup and managed in any of these three currencies.

Please make sure you have provided correct details as your phone number or email address during the registration process.

If you’ve double checked and still didn’t receive a code or call back on your mobile then please contact customer service on

Please use the forgotten password options on the AfriMobile app or our website to have your password reset.

For phone number registered users, please note you will need to have the mobile line with you in order to receive the password reset code.

Other email registered users, will have to access the reset code from their registered email addresses.

To have your mobile number presented when making calls to others, please make sure to register your account with your mobile number at inception.

For users who have already registered with an email address, please go to ‘My Profile’ section of the menu to set a phone number. To complete this action, a verification code will have to be sent to the mobile number you want to add.

Once signed in to your account, please go to the account section under the settings where you will see the option to top up your account in the set currency for your user account.

We accept card payments from MasterCard, Visa, and their derivatives as well as Maestro, Delta, Visa Debit, Solo, JCB, American Express and Diners Club.

You can also top up your account by logging in with your user credentials on the mobile app section of our website –

No. Voucher codes or PINs cannot be accepted as a payment option.

Account top ups can only be done using payment cards on the app or on our website.

Please complete a feedback form on our website or send an email directly to our team on

You can also look through the FAQ section of our website for possible answers to your query.

We look forward to hearing from you for any feedbacks or complaints.

The app does not allow calls for emergency numbers to emergency services. You’ll have to call emergency services in your country of residence using alternative means.

Making international calls from your AfriMobile app is easy. Make sure you have topped up your account and you have enough balance to make a call.

Simply dial your target number (removing any leading zeros) preceded by the destination countries international calling code for example +111 XXXXX or 00111 XXXXX

Our instant messaging feature allows you to share those special moments or important messages through the addition on attachments.

Voice notes can also be recorded and sent to other AfriMobile app users on your contact list. And all these can be done for FREE within the AfriMobile app users community.

Under the voicemail section of your settings, please check the voicemail box in order to receive voicemails from other callers when not available.

You can also set an email address to have all of your voicemails forwarded to whenever they are received.

Personalised greetings can also be set for your voicemail box.

AfriMobile app uses the underlying internet connection on your mobile device so you would not be paying any roaming charges for using the app anywhere in the world.

However when abroad, please make sure to check with your mobile operator for any associated cost of data roaming if you intend to use your mobile network 3G/4G connection.

On free internet hotspots or wifi there will be no associated costs.

Online transactions fail for different reasons. Here is a quick check-list for your information:
  • Sign up for MasterCard SecureCode if you are a Mastercard user or Verified by Visa if you own a Visa card
  • Ensure you've entered in the right payment details as shown on your card or as set up by your bank for example security (CVV) number on the back of your card, address details, and card numbers.
  • If attempting to top up from abroad, were your bankers informed before travelling. If not, please contact your bank.

Should your card payment persistently fail after contacting your bank or card issuer, please contact AfriMobile customer care on for further assistance.

For a comprehensive review of your call history, please login in to your account on our website using your user credentials.

First time users of the website with no passwords will have to request one from the login section on the AfriMobile app website.

For a comprehensive review of your top up history, please login in to your account on our website using your user credentials.

First time users of the website with no passwords will have to request one from the login section on the AfriMobile app website.

AfriMobile airtime transfer is easy to use. Please follow prompts under the ‘AfriMobile Airtime Transfer’ section of the menu to complete an airtime transfer transaction.

Airtime transfer can only be done to PREPAID mobiles on over 200 mobile networks around the world.

Please ensure you have enough balance on your account to cover the airtime transfer amount being initiated.

You also need to be sure of the name of the mobile network operator of the recipient number.

Should you have any issues on this service, please contact us to assist.

User account currencies cannot be changed once setup. Please make sure you are making the right choice of currency to manage your account at registration.


Yes, your account can be closed by deactivating your account under the settings section of the menu.

Please note that you will forfeit any outstanding balance on your account as at the time of account deactivation - please see user terms and conditions for more details.

Kindly also note that we reserve the right to close your user account if used inappropriately as spelt out in the user’s terms and conditions.

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